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About Elana Shneyer

Elana Shneyer works from a starting point of dignity and respect for all human beings, and believes that we make progress toward improving the world by practicing our values in all that we do.  She currently works as an independent consultant focused on facilitation, advocacy, organizational growth, strategic planning, performance management enhancement and data literacy. Her consultancy work focuses on helping the government better serve the people it is supposed to represent and not for profit organizations to amplify their impact by partnering with the government. Select past clients include: NYC Department of Education Computer Science for All Initiative, NYC Parks Department, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, Music on the Inside, Datapolitan & Civic Hall.

"We brought Elana in to help us with launching the start of a new key program initiative. She was flexible, energetic, and a good listener to our needs. I appreciated her candor, dedication, and creativity, as well as the questions she asked to help get us into the right position. Elana is a very skilled and adaptive facilitator and collaborator who I would recommend to anyone!"

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Vision: Transformed city, state and country where government is of the people and for the people

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