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#Fast4Ukraine — Will You Join Us? – The Wexner Foundation

On Wednesday I will be joining Jews around the world in a fast, and I invite you to join us. This will be my first time participating in the fast of Esther. Why now? Because I am communicating solidarity in a world turned upside down.

When my 10-year-old son came home from school on the eve of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and asked what was going on over there, I realized I needed to educate myself, eight years late, to the situation. Within the next few days, Putin ordered the Russian army to cross the borders of a sovereign nation and use force.

A huge part of my education on Ukraine came from an unlikely source. In 2016, I was gifted the opportunity to participate in a Jewish leadership program in New York. Half of my group was Russian speaking Jews. We maintain contact over Whatsapp and these past weeks as schools, hospitals, apartment buildings were being bombed, members of that group were alerting us in real time. Our group’s reactions ran the full range, from disbelief, to heart break, to a sense of helplessness to cries for help. Read on

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