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Capitol riot showed the nation’s two-tiered racist system

Published in The Record-Review:

"Last week’s attack on the Capitol demonstrated in horrifying real time the two-tiered racist system we continue to live in in the United States. Rioters, egged on by our president (who should be charged with sedition) and several other elected representatives, attacked our government in the name of “patriotism” and making America great. How is attacking our government making America great? At best it is blatant disrespect for our democracy, at worst it is an attempt to violently ruin our very values.

Why were these mostly white agitators able to gain access to the Capitol building with few arrests while peaceful protests this summer for Black Lives Matter were violently arrested en masse and assaulted? It is because we hold our own citizens to different standards based on the color of their skin, not on their actions. And last week actions spoke louder than words."

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